Online courses to help students graduate faster, remain full-time

Saman Mashayekhi, Staff Reporter

Members of the Foothill and De Anza Academic Senate discussed the exchange cross enrollment link program offered by the California Virtual Campus and their concerns at the joint meeting on Monday, Nov. 4.

Kate Jordahl, Director of Academic Affairs and Consortia at California Community College Virtual Campus, presented the Online Education Initiative at the meeting.

This program is funded by the California Community Colleges Institute.

“Its main aim is for students to finish in a timely manner and without the hassle of re-applying for a different college for just one or two classes,” Jordahl said.

Applying for online classes allows students who are missing one class before graduating or need one class to be full time to take the class that they need to fulfill their requirements.

The offered classes are solely online and only serve the domestic students.

Financial aid and grants will be carried over so the students can take the classes without worrying about their financial status.

Some of the counseling department faculty members of both colleges voiced some concern that students may abuse this program.

Jordahl said that this can be prevented because the system only allows students to take up to two classes.

Mary Diehl, part time English professor at De Anza, said she was concerned about how the online classes were defined in the system.

Diehl said that some classes may have “some face-to-face time or at least some in class final” and will confuse students after adding a class at a school somewhere far.

Jordahl said that currently, there are no measures in place to show if a class requires students to show up in class for a final or consultation.

Faculty members made several additions to the system to better help the students who apply for online classes. They said their hopes remain high for the future of the program despite the concerns.