Professor awarded for leadership

Professor awarded for leadership

Alena Naiden, Staff Writer

After working at De Anza College for 11 years, political science intructor Bob Stockwell recently received a John and Suanne Rouche Excellence Award.

“I knew from the start that this place was really special,” Stockwell said.

He has taught at small liberal arts colleges, community colleges and universities, including UC Santa Cruz and UC Santa Barbara.

He said that after taking a part-time position at De Anza in 2004, he fell in love with the school.

The vibrant, active and engaged students are what makes De Anza special for him, Stockwell said. He admires their humanity and unique genius.

“What inspires me most is the way they kind of step in and step up for each other,” Stockwell said.

Currently, he is an advisor in the Institute of Community and Civic Engagement and a leader in the Public Policy School program, where students are given opportunities to lobby for campaigns in Sacramento and Washington D.C.

On May 7, Stockwell and eight students traveled to Sacramento to attend a conference.

Affordable and accessible education is one of the ideals Stockwell said he is most devoted to promoting.

To protect public interests, the burden of providing the community with goods, such as quality education, should lie on everyone, he said.

“I think it’s just a basic common sense,” Stockwell said. “If you want to live in civilization, this is what you have to pay.”
Stockwell dislikes the fact that one percent of the population prospers.

“That’s a recipe for disaster. That’s a recipe ultimately for revolution,” he said.

Stockwell said he sees the possibility for change and intentionally chooses to look at the positive sides.

“You can always find something to moan about,” he said. “It’s too easy to become cynical or pessimistic.”