Gender-neutral bathrooms on De Anza campus

Abraham Abundis, Freelancer

De Anza College is setting up gender-neutral bathrooms on campus in the upcoming months.

The bathrooms will take the place of some bathrooms that already exist on campus.

“These restrooms are being made for people that feel uncomfortable entering a specific sex restroom,” said David Byars, staff adviser of the Rainbow Club.

“It also helps people that need to enter the restroom with their kid who is of a different sex.”

The gender-neutral bathrooms will be around campus for students to access. They will be located in places such as the Multicultural Center.

Byars said updated maps will be placed around campus to help students easily locate the bathrooms.

“These restrooms are being set up in order to help transgender people and to help them avoid being judged on which restroom they decide to use,” said Cynthia Kaufman, director of the Institute for Community and Civic Engagement.

“These restrooms will have a sign in front of the door stating they are gender neutral and there is already one set up near my office in the East Cottage.”

Nate Boch, 20, an economics major said, “I really understand why they would do this especially considering that there are parents that are going to be bringing their kids along with them into the restroom.”

The new bathrooms are meant to make people feel comfortable knowing they will not be judged.

“I think this change will be better for the school,” said Elysa Guiriba, 20, international relations major.

Guiriba said she feels society has become more accepting of diverse gender identities, a culture shift she welcomes. She also sees the bathrooms as an opportunity to provide more flexibility to parents.

“Before it was always the mom that had to take the baby to get a diaper change,” Guiriba said. “Now it can also be the dad changing the diaper so things will be more equal now.”