New equity center to be established on campus

Carla Arango, Staff Writer

Members of the Equity Action Council committed to support the Lesbian Gay Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning and Intersex Advisory community during its meeting on March 12.

The council will be working with the LGBT community to educate students and faculty on how to make De Anza College a safe place for people of all sexual orientations.

Brianna McGruder, graphic design major attended the meeting and spoke with members of the council about the center that will serve as a “safe haven” for many students at De Anza.

Members offered to contribute to the center things like artwork, and the creation of a name for the center.

McGruder said that they want the name to be welcoming to all students rather than just be geared towards women or LGBT students.

She said she does not want male students to feel excluded.

The DASB senate allocated approximately $28,000 of its 2014-2015 budget for the creation of the center to serve women and the LGBT community.

“Other campuses have womens’ centers,” McGruder said. “It’s kind of hard to establish one here because it’s a transitional school.”

The center will offer programming, community outreach, resources similar to those offered by the Health Center.

Currently, there is not a permanent location for the center.