Fall ‘14 Club Day:

Dancing, De Anza diversity

Samantha Lopez, Staff Writer

Diversity, culture and awareness were demonstrated Thursday, Oct. 9 when over 70 unique clubs and huge groups of students congregated in the main quad for De Anza College’s Club Day.

With special performances by dance clubs such as K-pop, 4Elements of Hip Hop and the Elite Dance Club, De Anza students were drawn to the main quad for entertainment. Like everything else, there’s more than meets the eye, and students were soon intrigued by the variety of organizations offered by the students.

The De Anza Ballet Folklorico is a club that combines Latino culture and heritage with music and dance. They were one of the many clubs who integrated music with art and culture in their group, encouraging students to reach their artistic goals.

The psychology club also drew students like a magnet to their booth, but with a much more obvious strategy. They placed three large panels of black filler in the form of a large wall and placed chalk next to it, with the musing, “Before I die” written on it.

Students grouped around the wall writing down what they hope to do before they die.

“The idea here is that once it’s written, it becomes an action,” said vice president Courtney Johnson, 28, psychology major. Hopefully, through the psychology department, De Anza students may soon be seeing their own “Before I die…” wall permanently on campus.

This year, a new club comes with purpose to integrate solidarity in our community. QPOC stands for Queer People of Color and are here to bring awareness through the media.

“With television shows like ‘Modern Family,’ where you have the typically white gay couple, our media limits the types of representation and we want to be able to break that,” said Vivian Che, 19, biology major.

If you missed this year’s Club Day do not worry, a full club roster can be accessed through De Anza College Inter Club Council (ICC) and Club page at deanza.edu. A full list of clubs by category or alphabetical order can be found along with their meet times and location.