A call for political action against Bill Cosby when he speaks at Flint1 min read

Gary Wesley, 62, La Voz Weekly Reader

Dear Editor,

I see online that Bill Cosby is now scheduled to appear at the Flint Center on Sunday, June 7. Cosby has been accused of drugging and attacking girls and women for decades (1965-2008 so far).

While it may be too late to criminally prosecute or civilly sue Cosby, why would community members continue to support with money and adulation a make-believe TV “dad” who has not even denied any of the accusations (except through his agents)?

When Cosby put on a show in Turlock, California in January, 1,000 paying “fans” (aka fanatics) attended, along with only one protester.

Are there any students or others in Silicon Valley prepared to stage a protest and bring the real Bill Cosby the negative attention he deserves?

Or do students not care or simply believe that everyone is “innocent until proven guilty” even though they may not even know what the term means?

The presumption of innocence actually just concerns the burden of proof in a pending criminal proceeding (in which evdience may be presented) and has nothing to do with assessing whom to support or admire in everyday life.

So, what do you say, De Anza students?


Gary Wesley, 62

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