De Anza: Fact or Fiction?2 min read

La Voz Staff

1. Microsoft founder Bill Gates attended De Anza in the 1970s.
FICTION: Bill Gates attended Harvard, but Apple Inc. co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak both attended De Anza.

2. The movie “Steve Jobs,” opening in theaters Oct. 23, was filmed at De Anza.
FACT: The film, starring Michael Fassbender and Seth Rogen, recreates the introduction of the original MAC computer at the Flint Center in 1984. De Anza Film/ TV students assisted with filming in February 2015, and many De Anza students appear as extras.

3. The Flint Center is not really part of De Anza.
FACT: The 2,300-seat auditorium on the northwest corner of the De Anza campus is managed by Domus Aurea, a private company. Larger De Anza events are usually held at the Visual and Performaning Arts Center.

4. Comedian and HBO host Bill Maher will speak on De Anza campus in May 2016.
FACT: He is scheduled to speak as part of the Celebrity Forum at Flint Center.

5. Comedian Bill Cosby has spoken on De Anza Campus.
FACT: He spoke at Flint Center in 1997, 2006, and 2013. He was scheduled to speak in June 2015, but the appearance was cancelled after more allegations of sexual assault surfaced.


7. De Anza held a contest to name the parking garage on Stelling Ave., and ended up calling it Stelling Parking Garage.
FACT: It’s true. Out of more than 200 submissinos to the naming contest, De Anza chose the obvious.

8. De Anza’s mascot is a duck.
FICTION: De Anza’s official mascot is “The Don,” a Spanish nobleman’s title. But he has no presnce on campus or in college athletics because some consider the concept to be racist. The DASB Senate in 2013 considered changing the mascot to a duck, but it didn’t happen.

9. The DASB Senate faced a scandal involving sex and alcohol in student government offices and stolen copies of La Voz.
FACT: A student senator made the allegations in 2013, and the DASB president later admitted to “making out” and having unopened alcohol in senate offices. Two senators later admitted to removing copies of La Voz from on-campus boxes, which is a violation of California law.

10. De Anza has a Massage Therapy program, which offers $15 massages to De Anza students.
FACT: Students conduct the massages during winter quarter with a backdrop of flute and waterfall sounds.

11. Foothill-De Anza district police routinely arrest on- campus preachers with hate-filled messages.
FICTION: Regardless what students think about the message, if the preacheers are simply talking, they are not breaking any law. In fact, they are excercising First Ammendment rights to free speech.


12. De Anza college rates 50th nationally and 10th in California in a ranking of your best chances of transferring to a four-year college.
FICTION: De Anza College ranks 10th nationally and second in California on CNNMoney’s list, with a 74 percent success rate of students who graduated or transferred to four-year colleges within three years.