Contouring with makeup

Leticia Castro, Staff Writer

Make up is real magic.

A new make up trend is sweeping celebs and young girls all over, contouring.

Contouring is the art of using matte bronzer or any type of concealer to enhance you looks. Not only will your face look flawless and clear, but your face will look thinner and cheekbones will stand out.

This make up trend has been going on for a year now and still going strong. Its perfect for the woman trying to give more structure to her face. Using make up a shade darker; to give shadow and a shade lighter; to give highlight.

“Ive seen this make up style, it looks amazing. But hard to try” Kim Malone, 20, Business Administration.

Courtesy of make up artist Kristi Ortega, here is a quick step by step guide:

1. Prep your face with two shades of base (one shade lighter for the center of your face & one shade darker for your complexion around the perimeter)


2. Blend the two shades (using a blending brush blend the two shades on your face to create a subtle illusion of depth and dimension)


3. Mark the contours and highlights of your face (mark the areas you want to contour, the hollows under your cheekbones, your temples, jawline, tip of your nose, along your hairline, side of your nose and the crease of your eyes.)


4. Blend the two for the finish.

(Set with translucent powder or any type of powder that suits your skin tone)


“As far as contouring your face everyday, I think if you want to have your face look more structure and subtle on a daily base than I would recommend to use these steps but in my opinion it looks best with full on eyeshadow and lipstick.” Krisit Ortega, 21, Make-Up Artisit.

Contouring your face can be done everyday. Its a process that can take some time, depending on how well you are with putting on make up.

But there is no need for this to be an everyday habit. The natural look, world just as well.

Make up artist Kristi would recommend contouring to people who feel they need more definition in there face or to go out.

“I like girls with make up on, I wouldn’t want to see them like this everyday, but I understand the benefits.” Adam Gunion, 21, Communications.

“I actually prefer natural only because I like the way my face is naturally sculpted and shaped.” Ortega said.

The natural look is always in, but with contouring your face structure can stand out. Depending on your preference, contouring may be for you.

Try it out, its something different. And when done correctly can look amazing and give you the look of a model.