DA Voices: What do you look for when picking a new professor?

Aaron Johnson, Reporter

Back in the days of print, “DA Voices” used to be a section where the De Anza community’s voice was spotlighted. La Voz reporters would ask the same question to different people and arrange their quotes side by side so that readers could see varying points of view. This week, our reporter Aaron Johnson asked, “What do you look for when picking a new professor or class?”

Quotes have been lightly edited and condensed for clarity. 


Christopher Nguyen, 19, kinesiology major (Aaron Johnson)


“I look for open mindedness and whether or not the professor is flexible.”



Adnan Aboukewik, 18, undeclared major (Aaron Johnson)


“I think you should talk to your counselor to get it sorted out” 



Daniel Alonso, 20, software engineering major (Aaron Johnson)


“I just wanna see how their grading system is — whether or not the tests are open notes and what the teacher’s homework system is.”



James Nguyen, 21, nutrition major (Aaron Johnson)


“I look to see if they are organized, if they respond well and if they grade on a curve.”



Sam Leytes, 17, math major (Aaron Johnson)


“I look for ‘Good Times’ mostly…”