DA Voices: How do you get to campus?

Sanzhar Murzabekov and James Rahn

Back in the days of print, “DA Voices” used to be a section where the De Anza community’s voice was spotlighted. La Voz reporters would ask the same question to different people and arrange their quotes side by side so that readers could see varying points of view. This week, our reporters Sanzhar Murzabekov and James Rahn asked, “How do you get to campus, and how could your commute be better?


Terrence Aung, 19, computer science major
(Sanzhar Murzabekov)


“I just got a car and before that I took the bus. Honestly, it would be better if there was less traffic.”



Iretunde Akinsola, 19, computer science major (Sanzhar Murzabekov)

“Usually I ask my friends for rides, but if they’re not available then I take the bus. It would be better if everyone knew all of the options available to get to campus, like I didn’t know the bus could take me so close to De Anza.”



Neha Dhpande, 19, general biology major (Sanzhar Murzabekov)


“I come by VTA bus, which takes about 30 minutes. Maybe it would be better if there were more buses that came to my stop, but otherwise, it’s fine.”



Cinzia Muzzi, chemistry professor (Sanzhar Murzabekov)


“I commute to campus in a car. It could be shorter, but really for the distance, I don’t see how it could be better.”



Kai Anderson, 18, business major (Sanzhar Murzabekov)


“I drive myself here. If I had a better playlist that would make my commute better.”