Dan Buettner shares secrets to longevity

Ella Shih, Staff Reporter

Celebrity forum guest speaker Dan Buettner said 75% of how long you live depends on your environment and lifestyle at the Flint Center on April 18.

Buettner, a best-selling author, award-winning journalist and world record-holder, worked with National Geographic Magazine to discover “blue zones,” where people live the longest and healthiest lives.

Buettner discussed communities who practice healthy lifestyles and live longer than average.

In Sardinia, Italy, seniors participate in different physical activities. They drink homemade wine daily and severely conform to the Mediterranean diet.

Residents in Loma Linda, U.S. strictly adhere to the Sabbath every week and use plant-based recipes taken directly from the Bible.

“Processed meat is as dangerous as smoking,” Buettner said.

Buettner said factors that affect longevity include physical activity, working towards fulfilling your purpose and putting yourself in the right tribe of people.

“Healthy habit is contagious,” said Buettner.

Buettner said “blue zone” residents actively contribute to their society. “They stay engaged and productive as long as they can.”

This is the last of the celebrity forum series before the auditorium closes for renovation. The Flint Center will reopen in 2020.