Michael Myers ups the brutality in the new movie “Halloween Kills


Source: IMDb

Cameron Oleary, Reporter

“Halloween Kills” is a good movie that gives you the best action from the franchise and expands the lore of Michael Myers, while also branching out and giving us a look at a psychological study of humans.

The movie picks up following “Halloween (2018)” when Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her family have trapped Michael Myers burning in her basement, but Myers is saved and continues his massacre.

Fans of the series will be satisfied to see Myers do anything he wants more clearly with modern CGI and makeup effects which make the movie much scarier than the original.

Michael Myers was as intimidating as ever with no holds barred as director David Gordon Green nailed home the point that Myers is more than mortal, by showing the fear the towns people have for him.

At one point there is another mentally unstable patient mistaken for Myers causing the whole town to chase him down until he takes his own life, just because the town people were scared and panicking.

This showed the audience how the thought of Michael Myers instills fear into everybody, causing them to go crazy out of fear and how people tend to just follow the crowd. 

The movie was a little messy trying to bring all of the past characters that it’s hard to remember who is who, but this doesn’t take away from the movie since they are used to move the story along.

They did give Laurie, who is usually the main antagonist, a backseat as she recovered to come back for the final movie. So she will return for the big finale they have planned.

“Halloween Kills” feels like a set up to the final movie, but gives the audience enough brutality from Michael Myers and a good cliffhanger that will have you leaving the theatre more than satisfied.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars