BTS’ ‘Map of the Soul: Persona’ brings new style

Yoorim Cho, Staff Reporter

BTS’s “Map of the Soul: Persona” integrates new bubbly styles of Korean pop music that can satisfy newcomers and fans.

The album kicks off with BTS rapper Kim Nam-joon’s performance on “Persona,” a hip-hop song incorporating unique rhythms and rock guitars.

Nam-joon contemplates his identity after struggling to find his purpose. “Persona” explores both his desires and what others want him to be.

“Mikrokosmos” is about how each individual is special because of their unique characteristics, claiming that our lives shine “like a star twinkling in the darkest night.”

Throughout the album, BTS encourages all to love themselves for who they are. Each of their songs express this theme with a tone that resonates positivity and happiness, unlike their previous albums.

Pop singer Halsey collaborated with BTS on the track “Boy with Luv,” which brings in a heartwarming beat and takes on a lighter and less dramatic tone. The lyrics explain a love story about a boy who dreams of loving a girl and hopes to get closer with his angelic wings.

Some BTS fans might strongly dislike this album because of their new style. The difference between this album and their previous albums shows a new side of BTS that no one has ever seen before.

Nonetheless, “Persona” is an explosion of creativity which creates a new identity for BTS. This album proves that BTS can accomplish anything while focusing on strong, empowering themes of love and identity that radiates through their music.