“Widows” an intense emotional thriller that gives an extensive look at everyday corruption


Tommy Pham, Staff Reporter

“Widows,” released on Nov. 16, is an intense, emotional thriller crime film looking at how corruption and politics go hand and hand and the imbalances between the rich and poor classes.

The film is based on a 1983 British TV series with the same name, and follows a botched explosive armed robbery attempt that leads to a police shootout where four thieves die.

Now their widows, who have nothing in common except the debt their husbands’ criminal activities have left behind, come together to finish their late husbands’ unfinished job.

Despite various pacing issues throughout the movie, scenes dragging a little bit too long and little character development, the movie still deserves a watch.

The movie displays how corruption and politics are intertwined, and shows how this affects society by emphasizing the failure of local institutions and the corruption taking place when public funds are spent. Also, the movie puts a spotlight on inner city gentrification.

The realism the cast conveys, the overall feel and the unique camera angles makes you feel emotionally invested in the film and makes the film way more unique compared to other crime flicks that can be highly predictable sometimes.

“Widows” is more than just a crime flick. Unlike other drama films, “Widows” has its own identity and uniqueness. There were lots of unexpected plot twists making the movie less predictable like some heist movies and more of a unique story with interesting characters that have an interesting background.

Films like “Widows” will inspire other crime and drama films to realize you don’t have to be predictable and cookie cutter and being unique will make an overall better movie and watching experience for movie goers.