Michale Bublé returns with new album ‘Love’

Jocelyn Hernandez, Staff Reporter

After a two year hiatus, Michael Bublé has returned with his new album “Love,” consisting of songs that express Bublé’s deep love for his fans, music and most evidently, his family.

“Love” has an overall jazz pop genre feel, with jaunty big jazz melodies in most of the songs. The impeccable performing from the jazz band featured forced you to listen to the wonderfully boisterous and intimate passion. It was scorching love to the ear.

The album’s biggest strength other than the jazz band, had to be Bublé’s strong voice which can especially be seen in the second track, “I Only Have Eyes For You.”

“Forever Now,” stood out the most as he directly addressed his love of being a dad and the love and admiration he has for his children.

But not every track on the album caught the ear so well. “Love you Anymore,” the third track, featured a completely different genre.

Unlike the others, this track was a pop song that took away from Bublé’s strong voice, as well as the jazz elements which embodied the album itself. Although the track was terrible, it did not take away from the overall album.

All the songs in this album speak of love, so the song lyrics were cliché and sometimes a bit sappy. But, despite the cliché lyrics, Bublé’s strong vocals, the exquisite jazz band, as well as Bublé’s display of passion for his family and music still garner the album praise.