Louis The Child’s ‘Kids At Play’ EP proves adults too can have fun


Tremaurice Johnson, Impulse Editor

Louis The Child’s most recent EP, “Kids At Play,” displays a variety of tunes, beats and melodies, mixing both old and new sounds showcasing some of their most fluid work to date.

The EP’s title, “Kids At Play” is accurately named because of a variety of child-like sounds, such as adolescent giggling, shouting and word spelling throughout the album. The first track, “Interstellar” is a great example of this.

The beginning of the song starts off with the sound of kids on a playground, accompanied by the harmonic tone of wildlife, giving the perfect visual of children playing about.

“LOVE” featuring Elohim, reminisces high school sweethearts with lyrics like, “Every time I see ya, see ya, you have me even deeper, deeper” and “I didn’t think I’d end up sleepless on this phone all night,” introducing nostalgic feelings about past relationships.

Every time the word “love” is mentioned, it is spelled out: L-O-V-E, re-introducing the motif of children learning how spelling. “LOVE” ends with a teacher assisting a student in spelling the word “c-a-t,” only to have the child yell out “dog.”

Louis The Child breaks up the middle of the album with a filthier beat sequence displayed by the duo in the track “Ohhh Baby.” Starting off with a mellow, almost meditative hum, the track quickly transitions into an upbeat and fast-paced flow, accompanied by the distancing and deepening of the hum.

This contrasts the group’s consistent calm, melodic and rhythmic patterns.

Louis The Child also presents a wide variety of lyrical expertise with features from lyricists RAYE, Quinn XCII, NoMBe and more.

“Better Not,” featuring Wafia, is probably the most successful lyrical tracks of the album, debuting as number 12 on the U.S. Dance Top 100. With the integration of low and high frequency tones “Better Not” gives us that classic Louis The Child sound.

The final track of the EP, “Space Jam” closes the EP with this same childhood nostalgia concept, starting the first 20 seconds of the song with distant laughter and the chatter of children.

Followed by the snapping of fingers, low drum beats and record skipping, the song associates young children with learning the art of music.

Overall, “Kids At Play” seems to be Louis The Child’s most thought out and and flexible album. With the combination of future-bass, electronic and lyricism, “Kids At Play” provides the listener with child-like nostalgia mixed with EDM.