Nice Buns! De Anza Burger Review-Firecracker Burger


Hwan Lee, Staff Reporter

Named to pop like wild inside your mouth, the Firecracker Burger is destined to satisfy and make your tastebuds melt. Its flaws may be seen as positives for people who enjoy a certain variety of ingredients.

The majority of the head comes from several jalapeño filled poppers that are moderately spicy. The jalapeños aren’t too spicy, but they add a small level of heat on the edge of your tongue. The rest of the burger’s flavor completely drowns out most of that intense heat.

Something visually unusual about these poppers is that they hold up a large portion of the burger, leaving you to squeeze it together which may cause an inconvenient juice mess.

Even though the burger is juicy on the first bite, the chipotle mayo sauce can completely overpower the taste of the cheese and jalapeños. The level of grease also had to be noted; the grease of the burger was much greater than other burgers served at De Anza College.

Nevertheless, the fusion of chipotle mayo, green onions, beans, pepper jack cheese, corn and tomato in combination with the poppers made me dig in with high expectations. The burger finds a brilliant warm blend of spice and juice from the patty and the pungent vegetables that gives off a strong and sour aftertaste. The tomato flavor wasn’t very present, but the acidity of the onions continued to make the burger definitely stand out in terms of flavor.

I would definitely give the Firecracker Burger a try for someone who adores a mess of a Mexican-style taste, or someone who wants to experience a new style of flavor. Sink your teeth in this excellent explosion of heat and acidity with moderate to high expectations, and you’ll find yourself satisfied.