Don’t leave your dreams unrealized2 min read

Supreet Singh, staff Writer

Follow your dreams.

It’s advice given to many young people who aspire to do what they love for a living.

It should also be the mindset of a person planning to attend college.

In today’s economy, following your passion of getting a liberal arts degree isn’t always the safest bet in terms of finding a job to meet your needs.

Many degrees are considered a waste in today’s job market.

According to a study by The Daily Beast, the most useless majors include fine arts, theater, photography and journalism.

Anything involving some sort of creative work isn’t rated high in employment potential.

This begs the question of whether it is worth following your passion to do what you love, or wiser to take the safe route and do what’s practical in the job market.

It’s no secret the job market dictates many students’ choice

of a major.

For most students, the future is about more than just themselves. The possibility of having a family to take care of one day weighs heavily on their decision- making process.

The fear of not being able to provide for the important people in your life, let alone yourself, can immediately sway someone to make a decision that makes sense at the moment.

Learning what interests you and being surrounded by peers who share your passions will better your learning experience.

You will leave college with greater confidence in who you are and what you want to accomplish.

“On virtually all measures known to contribute to positive outcomes, graduates of liberal arts colleges rate their experience more highly than graduates of private or public universities,” wrote USA Today’s Jason Day of his study on recent graduates.

People may tell you it’s not a safe decision and you will have trouble finding a stable job, but you always have options.

In the worst case scenario, you can start fresh again and attend community college to get another degree. Teaching in your field of interest is another option to make a living while maintaining a connection to your passion.

Your goals are impossible if you never go after them. You get one shot at life.

Only by chasing what you really want will you get the most out of it.