Hard copy books improve focus, study time

Audrey Marques, Sports Editor

This article is one of a two-part debate. The opposing argument can be found here.

Hard copy books are the best option when studying and learning. E-books might be better for the environment or cheaper, but not worth it.

As a student, having the actual copy in front of me makes me get more involved with the subject and focus. The process when I feel the need to highlight is smoother and easier, just write through the lines and make crazy symbols to study.

Some may say most e-books now have the tools to highlight and take notes, but it is not as effective as you having the book in your hands and using your own handwriting.

The action of you writing and highlighting with your hands, makes your brain process it better rather than just reading from a screen, you connect more with the subject when you have something physical to get the information from.

It also depends on how each person learns. But there’s a reason many people actually learn better from having the paper.

Plus, having an e-book is super distracting, considering most of the time you have your online textbook open, you are more likely to have millions of other tabs open, such as social media.

And if it is through your phone or tablet, you are always receiving messages and notifications, which makes it even hard to study and concentrate.