Campus security, good parenting necessary to prevent schol shootings

Cecile Hoang, Staff Writer

De Anza College is offering workshops addressing what to do during a school shooting, but there is no dialogue about preventing them from happening in the first place. While I believe drills are helpful and more exercises will increase awareness, we need to address bullying and strengthen security on college campuses.

Strengthening gun laws can prevent school shootings from happening. We should improve the process of purchasing a firearm by running background checks, including mental health, and having mandatory safety training classes. I recently walked into Mil-Spec Armory in Willow Glen pretending I wanted to buy a gun. The employees asked what I was looking for and why I wanted to buy a gun. I told them I wanted one for protection. They gave me a 20-question test, and passing that test was all I needed to become a legal gun owner. There was no background check and no analysis of my mental state.

Another way we can prevent further school shootings is increasing school security, starting with arming the school. Shooters expect that they will have the upper hand: they hold the gun and we have no way of defending ourselves. All faculty and staff should be trained in handling firearms and have one accessible in their classroom. It is better to prepare and defend yourself than to be defenseless in a school shooting.

Schools should also improve security by having more campus police patrolling and installing metal detectors at all entrances. Walking around De Anza, I rarely see any security nearby. This can help prevent situations from escalating, and allow quicker notification to students if a security threat arises.

School shootings can’t be eradicated with security changes alone. Parenting is the most effective factor. Sometimes parents neglect their children and do not bother teaching them the right ways, making them more likely to move in a wrong direction in life. I believe that teaching children about what is right and wrong will lead them to grow up and become great adults. Some examples are talking to them about bullying, teaching them about helping each other, showing them love and limiting their exposure to violent games, TV shows and movies.

Making these changes won’t eradicate mass shootings, but I guarantee they will have a greater impact than doing nothing.