2018-2019 student election results announced

Alaizza Rato, Staff Reporter

Newly elected DASB president Khaled Haq and Foothill-De Anza student trustee Hayman Wong both won in the 2018-2019 student elections by a 40 vote margin.

Khaled Haq, 18, business administration major, had a total of 348 votes to elect him DASB president. Haq has had leadership experience since his senior year in high school with his interest in public policy and how its power had the ability to make people’s everyday lives better. But, he didn’t utilize his high school’s ASB as much, but he knew he would be interested in the opportunities, experiences, and most importantly, the impact DASB would offer once he attended De Anza. During the fall quarter, Haq signed up to be an intern for senate then eventually became a senator, which led him to realize that he is fully capable and willing to lead the senate once the current leadership had retired. As DASB Senate president, Haq has many things he wants to accomplish.

“I hope to have more awareness events, get the students more involved to chip away that ‘commuter school environment’ stigma. I also hope to improve school infrastructure and operations by sending more DASB representatives to shared governance meetings, a gathering of school administration and board officials that invite students to participate in giving feedback and raising concerns,” he said. Haq wants to emphasize the relationship between ICC and DASB and to involve more students in the bureaucracies involved with the operations of this school.

Hayman Wong, political science and history major, won with 304 votes to elect her student trustee. Since Wong has had a year of experience being in DASB Senate, she appreciates the organization events that different committees host, such as the donation drive, diversity day, spring carnival, self-care week, etc. Now that she holds the student trustee position, she has things she would like to accomplish.

“I would like to change the general atmosphere of students who don’t care about politics or even about the school or district’s policies. The average turnout rate for DASB general elections for the past few years was around 3 percent. There are several students who have not heard of DASB or don’t even know that they represent the entire student body population nor do they manage a $1.3 million student budget,” she said. Wong hopes that during her term she will be able to link not just activist or political science majors who are already involved to stand up and speak, but to make an influence on the general students and build a sense of community within the campus.

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