Candidates push for votes

Carla Arango, Staff Writer

After two weeks of DASB Senate elections campaigning, many students at De Anza College remain uninterested in participating. Several students are not aware of who is running or what each coalition stands for.

Tao Manacmiel, 19, mathematics major, said he is not voting due to lack of time and interest.

“I’m just trying to get out of community college,” Manacmiel said.

Baranaa Abukhadrn, 16, medicine major, said he did not hear about the DASB Senate elections because he’s only taking a few classes at De Anza.

“I’m not voting because I have no knowledge of the election other than a bear,” said Erik Trejo, 18, civil engineering major. “I feel like the majority of people at De Anza don’t feel committed to the school.”

However, there are some students who do care about the elections and their student government.

“I wanted to vote for candidates from D.A.R.E., they had me at food trucks,” said Maria Dominguez, 18, undecided major.

Candidates approached students enabling them to connect with them personally.

“Julia from D.A.R.E. approached me and talked to me about the elections. I appreciated being approached and asked to vote for them instead of just being expected to,” Dominguez said.

“Right now I’m having issues voting online but I’ll try again tomorrow.”

Erin Curley, 18, political science and journalism major said she is voting for Pedro Enriquez and Nicole Lee.

“Enriquez has shown interest in the students and we’re really lucky to have the two of them working together,” Curley said.

Candidates used all of their resources to win the votes of students before voting ended May 16.

If not enough candidates are elected, midterm elections will be held during the fall quarter of 2014 in order to fill positions.