Low attendance delays DASB Senate business

Jay Serrano, News Editor

The DASB Senate meeting on Wednesday, March 5, ran over the scheduled time resulting in almost half of senate members being absent by the end of the meeting.

Twenty-four of the 28 senators were present at the start of the meeting, but senators had to leave for class or other events, senator Thaddeus Jordan said.

If two or three more senators had left, the senate would lost quorum  forcing them to end the meeting and discuss the remaining items when the senate reconvened.

The low attendance resulted in election commission nominations being postponed until more senators were in attendance.

“We postponed the election committee nominations so people who wanted to be a part of it could,” Jordan said.

The senate voted 16-1 to delay the nominations.

About 18 of the 28 senators were present when the senate passed the budget stipulations for the 2014-2015 school year.

Stipulations included a provision that said no new students would be added to the honors program unless the administration begins funding the program.

The honors program must also stay independent of other campus groups like Phi Theta Kappa, an independent academic honors society.