Your car is now your dorm room: Tips for Community College students

Sarah Helwig, Staff Writer

College may be a universal experience, but there is a difference between being a commuter student at a community college and living on campus in the dorms.  As a De Anza student, you might face different problems, but these tips can help you get out of your slump.

  • If you tend to switch cars a lot during the semester and have problems trying to get your parking decal to stick onto the windshield after each removal, try placing it inside of a clear CD case. You’ll never have to peel and re-apply the decal as you go from car to car. Make sure you remember to place the case on your dashboard before class.
  • Have a test or presentation to give? Use your phone to record a voice memo of your notes and listen to it through your car stereo as you drive to class.
  • Most often students plan their schedule around their free time but don’t forget to plan around rush hour traffic. There’s nothing better than sitting in a sea of stopped cars while you panic about exams.
  • While you may not be living on campus, your car is now your dorm room. Keep it clean and organized. You may also want to stock your car with extra pens and pencils, easy snack foods and an extra sweater.
  • If you’re the type to take naps in between classes, then you should invest in a sleeping mask to place over your eyes. Blocking out light is essential for getting well-rested sleep. Grab a pillow in your back seat as you snooze, but remember to set an alarm on your phone to wake you up.
  • For those hot summer days with long classes, pack a frozen water bottle in your lunch bag. It will keep your food cold, and by the time class is over, you will have a cold beverage to drink.