DA Voices: Are you returning on-campus this spring, and what would you want to see?

Teddy Ha and James Rahn

Back in the days of print, “DA Voices” used to be a section where the De Anza community’s voice was spotlighted. La Voz reporters would ask the same question to different people and arrange their quotes side by side so that readers could see varying points of view. This week, our reporters Teddy Ha and James Rahn asked, “Do you plan to return on-campus in spring, and if so, what would you like to see?

In addition to the printed quotes, you can also watch a video produced by Teddy Ha on La Voz’s instagram. 

Quotes have been lightly edited and condensed for clarity. 


Matthew Mills, 20, business major (Teddy Ha)

“I will be returning to campus next quarter since I have a track class. I would like to see more in-person classes as this is my second year and I haven’t gotten to experience a full campus before.”



Duyen “Jessica” Nguyen, 19, accounting major (Teddy Ha)

“I am not planning to come back in the spring because all of my classes are online. Since I am working on campus, I would like to see more services reopened in-person so that students could more easily get information instead of doing zoom.” 



David Hamilton, communications professor (Teddy Ha)

“I am planning on returning for the spring quarter. I want to see the different opportunities opened up on campus again for those students who want to be on campus — who want to meet people and to socialize; but at the same time we should have online classes for those who want to stay at home.” 



Maya Lewis, 18, undeclared (Teddy Ha)

“I do plan to return in spring quarter. Since this is my first quarter at De Anza, I would like to see more in-person classes.” 



Damien Wan, 21, computer science major (Teddy Ha)

“It would depend on case numbers or if we’re surging again whether or not  I want to return to campus in spring. But I miss the vibe and experiences of being a college student and meeting new people. Last time, I experienced that was in 2019.”