Job fair club hosts annual event

Stephanie Lam, Staff Reporter

When the job fair club co-president, Aviv Brooks, 20, computer science major, researched the number of degrees issued at De Anza, he was surprised to find social science and humanities were among the highest.

The results helped Brooks and the other officers decide which employers to feature at the club’s annual job fair.

“We valued quality [of employers] over quantity. That was our main goal this year,” Brooks said.

The fair was held on May 2 in the S Quad lawn. Over 30 companies around the Bay Area, ranging from tutoring to restaurant businesses, came to talk about their work and hand out business cards to De Anza students and community members.

Nick Rogers, owner of the Fremont-based after school program “Yes for Chess” said that the fair gave him the opportunity to recruit more tutors.

Rogers said that college students work well in the program because of their ability to “understand the kids.”

Although Brooks said the club officers wanted the employers chosen to appeal to the student’s interests, Diksha Yogi, 28, CNC research and development major, said the fair wasn’t organized well for someone of her technical background.

Yogi said she was disappointed at the lack of upper-level jobs present at the fair.

“You can have those [ground level jobs] information through net. You don’t need a job fair for it,” said Yogi.

Club member and fair volunteer Julie Sye, 20, marketing major, said the fair was still a good opportunity for community college students to start a job.

“Here, you can just apply and not worry about being in a four-year,” said Sye. “These jobs are willing to accept you.”