Student Life: 1st Annual Math & Science Fair1 min read




Hasti Dehnashi’s and her model is supported by a painted backdrop of a sunlit pier, Thursday, June 6.

Genie Lu, Staff Writer

Tents shaded the finished products of scientific and mathematical research at De Anza College’s first Math & Science Fair, Thursday June 6.

Some experiments were poster-only, with research results in the form of formulas and diagrams, such as 18-year-old physics major Shukei Ohyanagi’s Statistical Analysis of the Earthquake.

Ohyanagi compared market price trends to earthquake magnitude trends.

“Both have continous quantities, and it seems the flows are very similar,” Ohyanagi said.

He used finance-based methods like Bollinger Bands to predict earthquake magnitudes.

Other students utilized models to give viewers a better understanding of their presentations.

Hasti Dehnashi, 21, chemistry major, ran a wheeled platform up and down a post and hooked it up to a volt meter to show that ocean waves are a viable method of generating electricity.

Cynthia Ouandji, 18, biochemistry major, had tubes flowing with red and blue fluids to represent oxygenated and deoxygenated blood, to present A Look at the Circulatory System and a clay liver to present the Liver’s Role in Ethanol Metabolism.

Despite the hard work of these students, much of the attention came from the presenters’ professors rather than students.

Several tables were left vacant The event which organizers would like to becme annual, ran from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the main quad and had students competing for $200 scholarships with up to two students per submission.

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