Softball season over before it even starts

Elsa Castro, Staff Reporter

Graphic by Emily Liu

De Anza College women’s softball has come to a halt due to a shortage of players.

The team was unable to recruit new players for the upcoming season after the departure of their former coach, who left last fall, causing some players to leave too.

“By the time we hired a new coach, it was too late to recruit new athletes as the school year had already started,” said assistant athletics director Nick Mattis.

Another obstacle the team was facing was the inability to sustain a coach for a long period of time.

Unfortunately, De Anza College only offers a part-time coaching position for the softball team.

“I think that has hurt recruiting and stability to build a program,” said Mattis.

That lack of stability has also affected the team’s performances, with a low winning percentage over the last 12 years.

“Our team has not had a winning record in many years,” said Mattis.

The women’s softball team won only a single game in the previous 2017-2018 season, holding a record of 1-33.

Despite the several bumps on the road, De Anza College does have plans to bring the team back again.

“We hope to field a team next year,” says Athletics Director Kulwant Singh.

Students interested in joining the women’s softball team for future seasons can contact the athletics director Kulwant Singh at <[email protected]>