The Backstreet Boys are back: DNA Album Review2 min read

Mehek Kapur, Staff Reporter

The Backstreet Boys released their hyped up new album, DNA – the group’s tenth studio album and their first full-length album since 2013. Overall, the album is smooth, modern and a perfect testament to how the group has evolved over time with throwbacks to their roots.

The comeback itself has been massive for the Backstreet Boys who are currently on a world tour and received a Grammy nomination for “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”, the first title on the album, and arguably one of the strongest. It creates a strong harmony and yet has a digital EDM sound that distances them from the group they were twenty years ago.

One of the strongest tracks on the album, “Breathe”, is an acapella melody showing the group doesn’t need to rely on production to create tracks that resonate with modern listeners. The tune is smoothly sultry, and though simple, the lyrics are catchy and beautiful by telling the story of a broken heart after a relationship. “Sand keeps slipping right through my hands/Days all feel the same, still numb from you.”

Another high note is “No Place”, which is a different type of song from the rest of the album by bringing in country acoustics in a way that makes it sound uniquely outstanding. According to an interview they had with NPR, “No Place” is their favorite track on DNA. “[‘No Place’] just shows that we’re not trying to be anything we’re not, we’re comfortable in our own skin, and we’re happy to be doing what we’re doing still, so many years later.” said group member Brian Littrell.

The only song that really didn’t flow particularly well was “New Love”, a forgettable song with lyrics that were downright tacky and felt untrue to the group’s overall sound. It begins with the cringy lyric “Who are you, the sex police? My sex ain’t got no rules”, a lyric considered tasteless by some in light of rape allegations last year against band member Nick Carter, and only goes downhill from there.

Overall though, the Backstreet Boys are back, and it’s better than alright. DNA brings back the original sound that makes them so timeless, and yet it proves they can still create audience-pleasing hits.

From start to finish, DNA is a medley of perfect harmonies, memorable lyrics and is absolutely worth listening to.