Dons continue to struggle

Dons’ defeated by Canada College, go down swinging.

Anthony Montes, Sports Editor

The De Anza Women’s Volleyball team dropped all three sets (25-18, 25-19, 25-22) to the Canada College Colts despite much improved play on Friday Oct. 9.

The Dons struggled to get into a rhythm on offense in the first set and tumbled into a 12-4 hole by the first time out. The Colts, on the other hand, set the ball well for their heavy hitters and gave the Dons plenty to deal with defensively.

The Dons inched closer with a good run, bringing the score within five (19-14), but three-straight botched spikes hindered any attempt at swinging momentum and making a run for the lead. De Anza lost the first set 25-18.

The second set saw an energized and aggressive Dons team take the lead and sustain it, at one point, playing with a five-point lead. Strong defensive play by middle back Anna Craig and productive setting by setter Sara Van Dyke aided the Dons’ dominant start to the second set.

“Our communication was really up, we we were excited because we were in the lead,” Van Dyke said. “We kept talking, we were all excited, we kept wanting to play and then do the same thing over and over.”

But a shift in momentum and a lack of offensive production allowed the Colts to get right back in it, overtake the lead and steal the win from the Dons 25-19. Sarah Wallace, assistant coach for De Anza, said her team became less aggressive and protected the lead instead of extending it.

“They were playing a little bit afraid, a little bit hesitant, just not as aggressive and relaxed as they were,” Wallace said.

De Anza steamed into the third set pressing on offense and defense, and exchanged lead changes with the Colts, who matched the Dons’ intensity, to the very end. Tied at 20, the Colts took control and bested the Dons 25-22.

Coach Wallace said that a new setter and lineup helped the Dons compete in Friday’s game and going forward the team should improve as they become more familiar with the new lineup.

“The way were able to adjust positions with her setting,” Wallace said. “So we were able to move some people into positions they were a little more comfortable with.”

The Women’s Volleyball team host the San Jose City College Jaguars in a conference match on Wednesday Oct. 21 at 6:30 p.m.