Inspiration on art, life during the Ceramic Potluck

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Inspiration on art, life during the Ceramic Potluck

Stacy Ardoin, Staff Reporter

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The ceramics demonstration and potluck this year brought the artist Kevin Snipes, a fine art potter, painter and drawer. Even if there wasn’t food, students showed up to the to get the most of the guest.

Snipes shared some of his work on Thursday, May 17 at the De Anza Arts Department, hosted by professor Rocky Lewycky.

During these art event series, artists give both live demonstrations of their building process as well as lectures about their inspirations, influences and process as an artist.

Snipes demonstrated and lectured on a piece of his talent, as well as his inspiration and admiration in art, live during the ceramic potluck event.

All eyes of each participant, appeared focused on the blank object posted in front of Snipes and witnessed his work from beginning to end, on the odd boxed shaped object, transformed into a piece of fine art, hand-crafted.

The purpose of  this event is to bring visiting artists to De Anza and have them share process, both in art and life to students.

“It’s great to have different perspectives on how to navigate through the art world,” Lewycky said. “Bringing in these artists, also allow students to connect on new craft techniques, while hopefully inspiring them to find their own voice more clearly.”

The target audience is  anyone who’s interested in craft, art or just learning about the dynamics of a working artist.

“People should see so they can glean valuable insights into making professional artwork,” Rocky said.

“They should go attend these events so that they open up to new ways of thinking and problem solving.”

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