The benefits of a De Anza student ID2 min read


Jon Dupin, Staff Reporter

Almost every student carries a De Anza student body card, but not many know the perks of carrying one.  Paying the small fee for IDs when registering for classes grants access to a wide variety of programs, rewards and free services.

One of the most appealing perks are the discounts students receive on movie tickets for AMC and Cinemark, only a few minutes drive away. Students can buy their tickets for several dollars off the regular price, with a max of 10 tickets per week per student.

Living paycheck to paycheck and wondering where your next meal will come from? A DASB card will get you into the De Anza Food Pantry, if you meet income requirement guidelines. Get whatever you need in the Outreach office at the Seminar 3 building. Services are coordinated with West Valley community services and the Second Harvest Food Bank.

De Anza has also provided the Bike Program, for DASB card holders who wish to rent bikes for off campus use. So long as you’re 18 or older, you can rent out a bike for as long as you want. Pro Tip: VTA buses have bike racks, if you want to combine the convenience of public transportation with the accessibility of cycling.

Courtesy of attorney and part-time business law instructor Ronald A. Goulart, you can get help with with any legal advice you may need, ranging from “employment, landlord‑tenant, divorce, automobile accident, insurance, law-related education, career counseling and other legal problems and concerns.” He can also provide referrals to get you in contact with other legal representation, and it’s all paid for by the DASB.

An Eco Pass Clipper Card will grant you unlimited access to local transportation to the VTA and Light Rail. The motto of the program is “Pay a small fee and then it’s free.” Just scan and be seated!

A number of local restaurants and shops offer store discounts, of which a few highlights include Subway, Togo’s, and Thai Square. Check online on the DASB website at for a complete list of all participating stores and conditions.

Did you know you can use your DASB as a cash purse to store up to $100? Protected by a pin for any purchases over 25, the card can be used as a physical wallet.

A DASB card is required to check out  books or rent study rooms at the De Anza library. An even cooler option is that anyone with a DASB card can rent out a laptop for either hours or days at a time, depending on the make of the device.

Being a De Anza student also gives you access to the library’s databases, including news sources such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and the Christian Science Monitor.

To get a card, students can talk to the staff at the Office of College Life at the lower level of the Hinson Campus Center.