Is the iPhone XS worth it?1 min read

Tyson Tsoi, Staff Reporter

From a financial standpoint, the new iPhone XS is not worth it, due to it not being significantly better than the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Less than a year since Apple released the iPhone X, the tech giant recently rolled out an upgraded version of its latest product along with a unit that has a bigger screen.

Given the short period of time of the releases between both phones, the upgrade is not worth it.

If your phones are still fully functional and still able to text and call (the most basic of phone abilities), then your best choice is to keep it for another year or longer.

Joey Nguyen, 21, computer science major, said it isn’t totally worth it.

“Honestly, Apple products to me is like buying into a lifestyle. It isn’t about the technology…best way to put it, it’s a luxury brand,” he said.

Despite commenting the updates slow down his iPhone 6s, now considered to be “outdated”, he says it is “still functional without any flaws.”

Gaby Frutis, 20, environmental studies major, reiterated Nguyen’s comment. “It starts at $1,000 and it’s barely better than the iPhone 8 and X combined.”

She currently owns the iPhone 7 Plus, which is currently working without a hitch.

“As if it was brand new,” Frutis said.

Just because a screen is bigger and the processor is a tiny bit better, there’s no need to dish out a huge sum of money for a version that looks exactly like your old one. If your iPhone works perfectly, there’s no reason to be hopping on the iPhone Xs bandwagon.