DASB Senate President Stacie Rowe resigns2 min read


Jacob Sisneros, Freelancer

DASB Senate President Stacie Rowe resigned from the senate on Wednesday March 19th because of personal reasons.

Rowe, 19, English major, said she decided to step down because she is moving to Chicago over the summer and needed time to prepare for the move.

DASB Senate Vice President Koosha Seyvani, 22, computer science major, will take over the role of Senate President until the end of the term in about eight weeks.

Seyvani will nominate a candidate for vice president at the next scheduled senate meeting on Wednesday April 16 at 3:30 p.m. With a majority vote of approval from the senate, the candidate will serve under Seyvani as vice president.

Seyvani will also take over the presidential responsibility as the chair of the elections committee. Seyvani said he doesn’t plan to run for senate next year because he is transferring out of De Anza.

“I have some really big shoes to fill,” Seyvani said. “I will do my best to adjust to my new responsibilities and also explain my previous responsibilities to the VP that we hopefully elect next week.”

Rowe said she is confident the senate will work just as well as if she were there.

“I saw that the senate was able to function without me so I was better served stepping down,” Rowe said.

Seyvani echoed the sentiment.

“Honestly I don’t really think it will affect the senate’s performance in any negative way, other than everyone missing Stacie,” he said.

Senator Nupur Mehta, 19, business major said the senators worked effectively in committees this year and Stacie did a good job of watching over the committees.

Seyvani said the senate will miss her experience and leadership, but the major decisions have already been made.

“It was a really responsible time (to step down),” Seyvani said. “She did not leave any unfinished business.”