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‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ is a colorful film with a heartwarming tale

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‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ is a colorful film with a heartwarming tale

Hwan Lee, Staff Reporter

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This is part one of a two part review. Read the counter review here.

“Ralph Breaks the Internet” is a hilarious and beautifully animated film that will bring you a horde of laughs filled with clever references to the mainstream internet, while exploring the depths of true friendship.

The sequel to Disney’s 2012 “Wreck-It Ralph,” concerns about what Disney would do in order to continue the story of the duo Ralph and Vanellope, arose. One would fear they would painfully fail in the process. But, one would be wrong.

Disney has brought in a new heartwarming tale about the definition of friendship with both Ralph and Vanellope being sent into the internet world after a chaotic moment.

The movie was even more impressive when they introduced a recurring theme of the pursuit of happiness and trust, and how the two protagonists worked together in order to accomplish their dreams of being together.

Disney also did a marvelous job on visualizing mainstream internet and turning it into a visual delight for all to see.

The brightly colored animation style was absolutely stunning. The visuals and animations of certain characters blending from both the video game universe and the internet world represented the modern age extremely well.

References to Google, Instagram, YouTube, Disney and even the bothersome advertisements that people interact with online on a daily basis was amazing to see. The design of the characters interacting with Ralph, Vanellope and the internet was an amazing sight to see.

There were also numerous action sequences such as cars racing, that were beautiful and thrilling.

“Ralph Breaks the Internet” is an amazing laughter-filled movie you absolutely must see if you’re a huge fan of Disney, or the “Wreck-It Ralph” series. You’ll definitely feel a blast of nostalgia after this movie, and you will not regret one second of it.

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