Last Open Mic night of the year in a new location2 min read

Nazar Tymofyeyev, Staff Reporter

The last Open Mic of the year gathered about 40 students in the Sunken Garden, instead of the usual spot on the Euphrat Museum. To perform and to support each other artistic skills.

In about 3 hours of the event, a generous variety of performances was seen. The show started with a consecutive streak of freestyle rapping performances, shifted to a more lyrical note with some poetry, and culminated with some very beautiful songs, both with a guitar, and accapella. There was even a short stand up in-between.

There’s a general anything-goes atmosphere surrounding the event. Some people are nervous and forget lyrics, others occasionaly sing off-key, and yet there isn’t a hint of booing or laughing. Most people here know the vulnerability that comes with performing and are very supportive of every artist.

Andrea Torres, 20, sociology major, was feeling confident about her performance. This time, she was going to perform an acapella song. While she had done spoken word before, it was her first time singing. “I found this song in third grade, and I’ve been practicing it since”, Andrea said, laughing. When asked about how she deals with stage fright, Andrea said that “…exposure is definitely a good thing.” Juan, her boyfriend, was also there to support her.

Armando, 22, a performing arts major, who goes by the stage name Bob U, is a seasoned open mic attendee. “I have a whole bunch of material. I’ve been to open mics for a little bit”, he explained. Bob U performed a series of rap songs, and did a pretty sick dance at the end. “What’s new for me, it’s performing sober”, Armando added.

Kombeze Ataie, 24, accounting major, is one of the organizers of the event. He used to be one of the officers of 4 Elements Hip Hop Club, a major contributor to the open mic’s scene. According to him, the open mic has been a long-running tradition at De Anza College. “I wanna say it’s been at least 10 years”, Kombeze claimed.

Pretty evidently, the open mic is popular among students, and will most certainly be back next year, so don’t miss your chance to perform in front of your fellow De Anza students

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