‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ great adventurous story

Jeffrey Windham, Staff Reporter

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“Solo: A Star Wars Story” is a refreshing pivot from traditional Star Wars movies in the same universe. You’re rooting for criminals instead of the more righteous Rebel Alliance Solo fights for in the first trilogy.  

Fans see Han Solo start as charming and sly, the call to action for the younger character introduces his future career as an outlaw and importance as an action-hero. The plot is away from the main storyline of the galaxy far far away, as we follow a gang of smugglers planning a heist.

Actor Alden Ehrenreich captured a less hardened version of the brave hero who grows into a captain, foreshadowing his aptitude to lead in the rebellion. Solo’s actions prove to consistently move towards the original icon played by Harrison Ford, his character develops through the coming of age tale.

New characters create important relationships that lead Solo on this path. He meets a role model in the leader of the gang played by Woody Harrelson, beginning a more dangerous life of smuggling for money and living job to job.

Old side characters are made more prominent in this film. The greatest element of the film is the care taken to tie the backstories of these characters to a distant future.

Young Chewbacca in action brought excitement to the film and contributed to his legend, Lando Calrissian was a refreshed character played by Donald Glover and Solo gets his signature blaster and ship, the Millennium Falcon.

Sayings in the original movies can be directly tied to some of the most important scenes in “Solo”.

Unfortunately the action based nature of the movie is not backed with enough emotional impact. There are regular battle scenes that come up without enough tension beforehand, it’s a fun movie, but lacking in depth.

Many plot driving moments seemed predictably inevitable or too convenient. It’s a spectacular visual product with characters you can invest in, it’s only missing the drama Star Wars usually panders towards.

“Solo” is an important back story and sets up a sequel, even those who have not watched Star Wars should enjoy the film.  

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