Con: Don’t make killing legal


Search voluntary euthanasia videos on YouTube. Your heart will break as you witness the distressing scenes of people around the world giving up on their lives.
Physician- assisted suicide may relieve families of the emotional or financial burdens of sick family members, but that does not mean it should be legal.
California law states, “Every person who deliberately aids, advises or encourages another to commit suicide, is guilty of a felony.”
Euthanasia advocates have been turned down multiple times in the past because of this law, but advocates promise to fight harder for the legalization of voluntary euthanasia in 2015.
“You must remember that this is not about helping comfort or alleviate pain for an ill or dying person. That’s what Mother Teresa did. That’s what good hospice care offers. This is about killing that patient instead.” Brian Johnston, an avid pro-life advocate, told
The debate has raged for decades over abortion, otherwise known as prenatal euthanasia, and that debate continues still, but advocates are directly supporting another form of euthnasia in this new debate.
“Activists often claim that laws against euthanasia and assisted suicide are government- mandated suffering. But this claim would be similar to saying that laws against selling contaminated food are government mandated starvation,”  International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Policy analyst Rita Marker told ProCon.
People have argued that the government is not granting citizens their right to die by keeping physician assisted suicide illegal, but that logic is irrational.
The government is not denying people’s right to die, but preventing a form of suicide that could potentially hurt rather than alleviate.
Families will constantly question whether their loved ones could have survived if they had not cut their lives short.
Can we even rely on a dying person’s mind? People may be making an in-the-moment decision that can have a detrimental impact on those around them.
The pros of physician- assisted suicide may sound alluring, but the legalization of compassionate killing could have grave consequences.