Movie Review: Unfinished Business


If your favorite type of movie is the kind where a group of people go on a trip where everything you can possibly think of goes wrong, this is your type of movie.
Released on March 6, “Unfinished Business” stars Vince Vaughn, Tom Wilkinson and Dave Franco.
You may remember Vaughn as the main character in movies such as “Wedding Crashers” or “Fred Claus.” The supporting characters are also well known— Tom Wilkinson for “Grand Budapest Hotel” and Franco for “Neighbors.”
Three men decide to leave their current job to start their own swarf (metal shavings) business in spite of their former job and boss.
Daniel Trunkman (Vaughn) is the leader of the group with Timothy McWinters,  (Wilkinson) and Mike Pancake (Franco) at his side.
Dan convinces his buddies to accompany him on a business trip to Europe to sign a deal that he had been working on before he left his old job.
The business trip is supposed to be routine, but anything and everything possible goes wrong.
The group runs into their former boss Chuck Portnoy (Sienna Miller) who is trying to close the deal herself, and  stumbles in on a huge sex fetish event.
Dan even stays in a clear room labeled “American Businessman 42” which ends up being an exhibit in a museum, with Dan’s daily life being the art.
The movie is mainly about the business trip, but it does contain smaller story lines. Dan is always on business and doesn’t see his family, Timothy has female relationship issues, and Mike lies about things in his life.
All of these problems could be resolved if they can complete this deal in Europe.
The movie is rated R for “some strong risqué sexual content/graphic nudity, and for language and drug use.”
Though I liked the movie, it was not my favorite. It had some clever jokes but failed to keep my attention towards the end.