Best bathrooms on campus

Cleanest and most peaceful

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#1 East Cottage, Gender Neutral/Family Room Rating: 9.5/10
Not many have heard of the East Cottage’s cozy commode, but it is the best restroom on campus. It is a single room of pure bliss.
The extra locks on the door let people know that the restroom is occupied, so they will know not to disturb you doing your business.
The toilet handle is small and sanitary, so you can flush with confidence knowing that no one has ever used their foot to stomp on it.
While sitting and relaxing, you can bask in your surroundings and enjoy the Frida Kahlo artwork on the wall.
From the light switch to the sparkling sink and the toilet that doesn’t spray you when you flush, this bathroom is simply perfection.

#2  Media Learning Center, Second Floor Women’s Restroom Rating: 9/10
With its neutral colors and ample space, the MLC is No. 2 for your No. 2 needs.
Everything in this restroom is automatic, with working dryers to drown out the sound of your bowel movement.
It’s a great area to do yesterday’s philosophy homework, and with so many stalls, no one will be banging on your door to hurry up.
The floor is beautiful. A toilet paper mess is practically nonexistent. Its cleanliness is the reason most students consider the MLC restrooms to be the best on campus.

#3 Planetarium, Men’s restroom Rating: 8/10
Ever wonder what it would feel like to poop in space?
When walking into the Planetarium, to your left you will find a door that leads to the men’s restroom, which has a very cozy feeling, as if you are in a space capsule on a mission to poop.
While sitting in the stalls, you can ponder and pout while you think to yourself why the government had to shut down the space shuttle program, keeping young, enthusiastic astronaut hopefuls like you planted firmly on planet Earth wondering what it’s like to poop in space.