Women’s Basketball Crushes Hartnell College

Dons put an offensive clinic in their win against the Panthers


The De Anza College women’s basketball team wiped the floor clean as they beat the visiting Hartnell College Panthers
92-36 on Feb. 18.
“Lots of great goals were set tonight,’’ head coach Megan Hankins said.
She emphasized the part the sophomores played on the team.
Since it was the last home game in the regular season, the game started off honoring the sophomores playing their last season as a Don.
Family and friends showed up with balloons and flowers as the coaching staff, led by Hankins, called each of the sophomore Dons to the center of the court.
Starting off the game, the Panthers were the first to score, making a 3-pointer. But the Dons fired back, staying
neck-and-neck with their opponents.
About six minutes into the game, the teams were tied 7-7 until Dons’ freshman Becky Chiu hit a 3-point shot and gave the Dons the lead. After a free throw shot from the Panthers, the score became 10-8, the Dons took charge.
They went on to score 10  straight points until the Panthers put up a bucket, but the Dons never let up.
Sophomore Madison Michelis, the leading scorer of the game, put up four buckets back-to-back, putting the Dons ahead 27-12.
But then the scoring halted and the ball passed back and forth on the court, both teams unable to score. After over two minutes of no buckets, Dons’ sophomore Kaitlin Leguidleguid shot a three-pointer, making the score 30-12, with 6:35 left in the first half.
Michelis, along with sophomore Melissa Cabrera, the other leading scorer of the game, put up the next 10 points and sent the game into halftime with the Dons ahead 45-16.
In the second half, the Dons showed no mercy as they continued to rack up points on the scoreboard.
The final score of the game was 92-36.
Michelis lead the stat sheet with a total of 35 points, followed by Cabrera, who had 26 points and Leguidleguid with 17 points. Cabrera now has a record of the most 3-point shots made in 2 years at De Anza College.