Rajvir Kaur, Sports Co-Editor

Looking for a better challenge than the average 5K run?

The Gladiator Rock’n Run will take place on June 15 and 16 at Joseph D. Grant Regional Park in San Jose at 8:30 a.m.,  And yes, it’s extreme as it sounds.

Event highlights

1) This “run”  is five kilometers and has 17 challenging obstacles and rough terrains from start to finish.

Participants will crawl army style through mud, hop over spools, in and out of tires, climb up a 14-foot rope, swim in icy water … and that’s just part of the course.

Throughout the course there’s a jungle, “The Wall of Fame” (an 8 foot wall that the contestant has to scale), webs, a cargo net course, 40 -pound bags of rice that need to be transferred, monkey bars spanning 30-feet, and two “nightmare” obstacle courses which won’t be revealed until the day of the race.

The run was created by Dan “Nitro” Clerk, a cast member from the hit show “American Gladiators.”

2)  But it’s not just the challenge that participants will be involved in. This thrilling experience also helps raise money for the charity Talk About Curing Autism, according to

3) After running through mud and climbing a wall and some stairs, relax at the post-party with prizes, drinks, and even a costume contest.

The party starts as soon as the first contestant finishes the run. This means as soon as following contestants step over the finish line, they step into the party.

All contestants recieve a “Gladiator Tough” finishers medal and a “Limited Edition” Gladiator Rock’n Run T-shirt.

Anyone and everyone 14 years and older is welcome to this race. Bring a team, or join one at the time of registration.

The “late, late” registration is June 14. The cost to run is $80.

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