A scavenger hunt for food around the Bay- Dishcrawl2 min read


Baolien Dang

Taco TIme- Carne asada tacos from Angelou’s Taqueria, Saturday April 20.

Baolien Dang, Staff Writer

A small group of people with a Dishcrawl map in their hands  on Saturday, April 20 traveled from restaurant to restaurant in downtown San Jose on a food treasure hunt.

The Dishcrawl is an event where participants sign up to taste different types of food from a medley of restaurants while bonding with other people.

“I like that I get to try different restaurants that I might have not tried before,” said participent Jenifer Correa.

“Dishcrawl gave me and my husband the opportunity to enjoy a day without hesitation on deciding where to go.”

The participating group is given a map put together by Dishcrawl ambassadors.

Then the group followed the map instructions which lead them to the participating restaurants.

The first stop for this particular Dishcrawl was Angelou’s Taqueria on 21 North and Second Street.

Participants sat outdoors and enjoyed the spring breeze with margarita on the rocks while waiting for their orders.

Tasty burritos and tacos were then served and devoured.

Dessert was found at La Lune Sucree, a European Pastry Cafe on 116 Paseo de San Antonio.

Handmade vanilla gelato and chocolate hazel gelato was served.

The chocolate hazelnut was voted the best flavor by the group.

Time for a snack. Pita Pit was the next stop.

The crawlers ordered pita bread which could be tucked with various types of sauces and meats.

Group members discovered that perfecting the balance between the toppings and the amount of sauce was key to indulging in the ultimate pita.

After walking several blocks under the scorching sun, the team found themselves craving for a refreshing drink.

Luckily, Hydration Coffee and Tea was next on the map and only two blocks away from Pita Pit.

Milk teas were passed out with chewy boba pearls resting at the bottom of the cup.

The Bento boxes looked tempting and several crawlers said they would have to visit another day for lunch.

The last restaurant was The City Fish located on 30 East Santa Clara Street.

Sitting inside, the crawlers enjoyed cold glasses of beer while watching sports on a big screen TV.

Two of the crawlers Heather and Ben Jackson said the Dishcrawl gave them a pleasant afternoon and satisfied their appetites.

“We had fun walking around down town together with friends” said Heather Jackson.

If you are traveling to a different city and at a lost of where to eat or searching for a change in your routine and looking for a new place to eat in your own town, visit www.dishcrawl.com or Dischcrawl Facebook for ongoing events.

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