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The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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The voice of De Anza since 1967.

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GEAR UP FOR BLACK FRIDAY: Training tips for the most rigorous shopping spree of the year

With Black Friday coming all too soon, students are training physically and mentally in order to take on this strenuous endeavor. To be competitive among most Black Friday shoppers, students need to train in advance.

Here is a Black Friday training guide to supplement your preparations for the journey ahead.

Physical Training

Extensive physical training is required in order to build a body that is competitive for Black Friday shopping.

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Balance and Strength Training

Health Center Coordinator CJ Jones said, “Stand on one foot with your eyes closed so that you can maintain your balance. Balance Training is best for standing in long lines…Planks help keep you upright and strong.

“Push-ups are going to help so you can practice pushing or shoving a person,” Jones said.

Playing a sport and activities are going to be a plus. Dustin Ni, 20, business major said, “I played some basketball in high school. I’m certain I can use my abilities to throw electronics into my cart from various aisles – no matter where that cart is.”

Jessica Lang, 18, English major, said, “When I used to take vocal lessons we used to do these… voice exercises to project our voice. Now I can use that to yell across a store to efficiently find my family, so we can get things done faster.”

Endurance Training

“Interval Runs are good,” Jones said. “Run and then walk a little bit and then you run and walk a little bit. It really helps improve your aerobic endurance.”

Starting early is the key because the body will get used to the amount of physical fitness required to conquer Black Friday. Jones said, “Start now doing cardio throughout the day so you can build up.”

Take advantage of De Anza’s Fitness Center and PE Classes

Jones said the machines available in the Fitness Center can help students train for Black Friday.

The glutes machines help train muscles for running long distances. The in-and-out thigh muscle machines help with stability, especially for quick motions such as swiping merchandise off the shelves. Strengthening back muscles will help with holding on to anything in case someone else tries to grab it.

Healthy Eating

Carry a snack for focus.

“I always bring a snack with me,” said Jackie Un, 19, liberal arts major, “I bring a sandwich or something because there isn’t always time to sit down and eat.”

“Make sure you have protein… it’ll give you energy,” Jones said, “The complex carbs will make more sugars go to your brain. You need to make sure your brain is working right so you can go to the sale and not where they rip you off.”

Mental Preparation

A strenuous activity such as Black Friday requires mental preparation in addition to physical preparation.

Student Health Services coordinator Mary Sullivan said the pilates, yoga, and meditation classes offered at De Anza are a healthy choice for students to pursue mental wellness. These activities reduce stress and improve focus.

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