SINGLES: Valentine’s Day ideas for those lonely hearts flying solo2 min read

Alex Nguyen, Staff Writer

It’s Valentine’s for the couples, Suffertine’s for the singles and Gloomytine’s for the unlucky. It’s the season when those wretched lovebirds keep on bumping into you while exchanging poorly coordinated French kisses.

Instead of sitting around wondering why you don’t have a date, go try something fun and new. Here are some ideas:


Beer and people! That’s a surefire way of kicking the blues out the front door. Beer is cheap, and a good conversation instigator.

The crowds at bars may seem rowdy at times, but you are bound to meet some genuinely fun and laid back people. O’Flaherty’s in San Jose and Steins Beer Garden in Mountain View are good places to start. If you’re willing to drive, San Francisco is hosting their annual Beer Week. Check out for the schedule. Also check out the SF Beer Olympics every Friday at Horizon Lounge for $2 beers and games.


The annual SF Pillow Fight is spreading feathers everywhere at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco. Wear warm clothing or a costume. Invite your friends, bring your pillows and enter the chaos. The Event starts at 5:50 p.m.


Classier than strip shows, burlesque incorporates music, costumes, sensuality, grace and satire. If you’re a fan of “Cabaret,” “Burlesque,” “Chicago” or just want to experience something different and sexy, this is for you.

El Rio in the San Francisco Mission District will feature the Red Hots on Valentine’s Day. There will be a happy hour and free oysters on a first-come first-served basis. Admission is $5.


If you are not in love, why not give some of your love to people who need it? Second Harvest Food Bank and Sacred Heart Community Service need volunteers all year long to help run their operations, and you might find the experience educational and emotional. If you decide to go to Sacred Heart, sign up early for orientation. At Second Harvest, orientation is not required.

Whatever you do this Valentine’s day, have fun and remember: the fact that you’re single doesn’t mean others are better or luckier than you. As you learn how to be happy by yourself, you’ll become better, stronger and of course sexier until the right one comes by and falls for you.