‘Resident Evil Two’ is the perfect haunting reinvention of a classic2 min read

Tyson Tsoi, Staff Reporter

The world of the “Resident Evil” franchise is a horrendous zombie experience, but “Resident Evil Two” has pushed the boundaries of experience and reinvented the true definition of horror at its finest.

“Resident Evil Two” is a zombie survival 2019 remake of the original 1998 version, where you follow the stories of police rookie Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield trapped in the fictional Raccoon City. A virus that was released into the city has infected its citizens into zombies.

I could immediately notice the gorgeous quality after seeing each small detail of the game. Whether it is the amazing motion capture in movie-based cutscenes, blasting gory heads off of zombies, or the variety and designs of these multiple zombies, “Resident Evil 2” masterfully portrays realism with its haunting atmosphere.

While playing this game, I highly recommend wearing headphones in order to immerse yourself with its great sound quality.

Much like the original Playstation classic, you are allowed to play as either Leon or Claire. Both characters deliver compelling stories based on their own personalities and takes upon the dangers of Raccoon City, and I’ve never felt such nostalgic feelings and anxiety at the same time after visiting this remake.

As you progress, every item in the game begins to become scarce, struggling to find health when you’re low or even ammo. You have to be cautious on whether or not to pick up certain survival items due to the lack of inventory or else you will waste countless ammunition on these unstoppable zombies. This made the game feel immersive and realistic as if it placed you in the shoes of these two survivors.

I felt pressure building around me while struggling to figure out the numerous unique and well thought-out puzzles, with zombies constantly hailing around me, which made the game not feel repetitive.

It is also difficult to tell whether or not a zombie is actually alive or dead, which truly adds to that tension as you navigate the world with multiple corpses at your feet.

This thrilling experience makes “Resident Evil Two” one of 2019’s greatest horror titles,  and whether or not you’re a newcomer to the series, this is an absolute must-buy for horror fans. I’ve been playing it non-stop ever since.