Campus Center comes alive with Club Karaoke1 min read

Jarra Gojolo, Staff Reporter

Showers moved this quarter’s club karaoke into the campus center, but didn’t dampen the mood of the singers, whose vocals rang throughout the halls of the dining area last Thursday.

The event kicked off with Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight,” performed by Zane Thivierge, 23, undecided, representing De Anza’s Improv Club. “I won’t lie to you, I was pretty nervous at first,” Thivierge said of his performance. “I listen to Rapper’s Delight a lot and once I got the hang of it I was like, ‘Alright, I can do this.’”

The crowd was low energy until Matthew Hendrickson, 20, sociology major, did a soulful rendition of Aretha Franklin’s “A Natural Woman,” and received healthy applause from the audience.

Other performers on Thursday include Melissa Chavez, 21, law enforcement major, and Aine Kline, 24, undecided. Melissa sang “Unthinkable” by Alicia Keys and Kline sang “Come On the Floor” by Selena to the newly energized audience.

The event was coordinated by Tiffany Kam, 19, communications major, and a member of the Inter Club Council.

“People really enjoy the stage,” Kam said. “They’re really confident when they’re there.” Kam herself wasn’t into karaoke until she came to De Anza and did the club event.

The first 30 participants of this quarter’s event were awarded with a slip for a free cheeseburger from In-N-Out.