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Dem enter, not #demexit: The young left must infiltrate, not reject, the Democratic Party

Dem enter, not #demexit: The young left must infiltrate, not reject, the Democratic Party

Neil Mcclintick, Opinions Editor | January 25, 2017

The Democratic Party’s donkey is a beyond senile, one-legged donkey with several incurable, fatal diseases. Yet, the pro-Sanders left, after being overruled by the party elite, loses little sleep as...

What Health Services can do for you

Mary Sullivan, Guest Columnist | November 11, 2016

Health Services is here to help you get through the first weeks of the quarter smoothly. We are located next to College Life - where you got your photo ID, in the lower level of Campus Center building....

Editorial: DASB senators-elect denied due process by current senate

Editorial: DASB senators-elect denied due process by current senate

La Voz Staff | March 12, 2016

The DASB Senate’s election complaints process and appeals lack both fairness and due process. The senate must follow its own rules and provide a just system for addressing election complaints and punishments. The...

La Voz Weekly no more

La Voz Weekly no more

La Voz Staff | September 19, 2015

La Voz is making a change this quarter from a weekly print newspaper with a website, to a news website with a biweekly (every other week) print newspaper. The change is to reflect real- world...

Texas gun law bad for universities

Editorial Board | June 8, 2015

Texas has continued it’s habit of passing ridiculous laws that defy common sense by approving a law that would allow people, students and faculty included, to bring concealed handguns on to University...

DASB candidates’ messages need reform

La Voz Editorial Board | May 20, 2015

Once again, just like every spring, DASB Senate elections are coming and it’s unclear exactly what each candidate stands for or what he/she wants to accomplish. Yet somehow students are still expected...

DASB president attacks fellow senator

La Voz Staff | April 27, 2015

The proposed Baylands festival is too ambitious and will consume too much of the budget that should be used on other projects. Moreover, the arguments are getting far too personal. The initial proposal...

Editorial: Sensible drug reform needed

La Voz Editorial Board | November 3, 2014

No matter how you vote on the other propositions Nov. 4, vote yes on Proposition 47. This is the drug and other non-violent crime reform that California desperately needs. It helps rehabilitate people...

Our Revised Mission Statement

La Voz Editorial Board | September 22, 2014

With La Voz’s revised mission statement we hope to clarify the focus of La Voz Weekly and further explain our role in the De Anza College community. Our previous mission statement needed updating...

Get out and vote

Get out and vote

La Voz Editorial Board | October 16, 2012

Take the Nov. 6 elections seriously. Especially as a student, you need to know that the effect this election could have on education is utterly disturbing. The California education system is facing a...

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