Batch 22 Bakery aims to connect community with big portions and big hearts

A chocolate pudge cookie with brown butter and chocolate chips

A chocolate “pudge” cookie with brown butter and chocolate chips

As quarantine and a summer of protest roiled society, Amy Wong, founder of Batch22 Bakery, discovered a new way to enhance community — a shared love of food.

Wong, inspired by a trip to New York many years ago, knows the power of a sweet treat.

“My friend gifted me an oatmeal raisin cookie from Levain Bakery and it was life changing,” Wong said. “For the next few years, I couldn’t help but test my own recipes.”

In May 2020, from the comfort of her home, Batch22 Bakery was born.

The bakery currently offers a variety of cookies, shortbread, and “pudges,” six-ounce cookies Wong describes as “the size of your palm.”

“The inside of the pudges are extremely chewy and soft,” said Tin Yam Lau, a Batch22 customer. “It’s the texture that really makes them stand out.”

At around $5 to $7 per pudge and $12 to $15 per batch of 10 standard sized cookies, Wong says her baked goods are “competitively priced” compared to similar bakeries in the area.

Popular cookie flavors include gourmet chocolate chip and matcha, but experimental and seasonal flavors find success as they rotate in and out.

Pumpkin spice pudge with cheesecake filling and pecan pudge with maple, brown sugar and toasted pecans, were fall standouts.

“Pumpkin spice was easily the most popular of all my seasonal [flavors],” Wong said. “But I also discovered a cult following for pecan fudge, my personal favorite”

Wong also consults fans for flavor requests, and one item in particular is a heavy favorite.

“Let me tell you,” Wong said. “The Bay Area loves milk tea.”

Luckily for fans, a milk tea shortbread is on its way.

“I absolutely would get it,” said Claudia Vu, a Batch22 customer. “I already have a boba milk tea obsession and this falls right into it.”

Apart from unique flavors, Wong hopes the culture of gift-giving that inspired her business extends to her brand as well.

Customers can send cookies as a gift, which include handwritten, Batch22 Bakery-branded notes in the box.

“We’re light hearted,” Wong said. “Everything from ordering the cookies, getting the cookies, reheating instructions … all of that should be very friendly. And very easy.”

As the saying goes, the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Batch22 Bakery aims to make that route a little bit sweeter.

Orders can be made on Batch22’s website and are available for pickup on Fridays from 3-9 p.m. Delivery is available for customers in the South Bay Area.