Americans have an unhealthy obsession with celebrities1 min read

Radhika Iyer, Opinions Editor

Celebrities consume most Americans’ lives more than ever before.

This obsession has reached unhealthy levels as we consider celebrities to be our role models and strive to be like them.

According to the Huffington Post, the increase in celebrity magazines and the rise of the internet has caused an increase in obsession.

“Prior to the 90s there were two major sources for celebrity news, one televised and one print: ‘Entertainment Tonight’ and People magazine,” Jo Piazza wrote in the article.

Regardless of the number of entertainment sites and magazines, Americans are engrossed in the lives of celebrities and blindly follow what they say.

Millions of Americans pay thousands of dollars towards weight loss programs, clothes ,and perfumes so they can look like models.

After having children, celebrities always boast about how fast they were able to lose all of their baby weight after a short amount of time.

This adds to the pressure that millions of Americans face as they strive to be perfect.

Celebrity magazines have also become a way for us to escape the pressures of reality and become immersed into their lives.

For example, reading gossip in magazines is more fun than working, going to school, or studying.

Unfortunately, if this obsession continues, the future generation of children will grow up in would in which they would rather watch reality television and dream of having bodies and lives like the Kardashian sisters rather than wanting to be a doctor or the future president of the United States.

They will ultimately become the victim of this obsession unless Americans find a way to break it now.